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Crop and Cattle Farmers Clash Will Never End Unless the Intervention of Innovation and Technology. > News > New Technologies > Crop and Cattle Farmers Clash Will Never End Unless the Intervention of Innovation and Technology.
Jan 10, 2018 Posted by: finicindustriessl_6k0o5g New Technologies

“If we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got.”

These were the words of Albeit Einstein, the unparalleled world scientist.

My people, let us usher in a new thinking in the way we rear our cattle. The benefits will be enormous and the blood letting and wahala will stop.

As an addendum to my article 3 months ago on same, I hereby present you a narrative describing a similar situation in Nigeria and the effort exerted by one man – Mr. Peter Ojong – in seeking a solution.

The article below, written by Ike Uchechukwu postulates about Mr. Ojong’s effort and what he said  about KING GRASS.

King Grass is a specie of elephants grass that grows fast. Within 45 days, it can reach height of several inches and can be used to feed animals confined in a space. At the end of the article, download and view pics of the king grass.

If you are a cattle herder, with the key (education) to open doors of innovation, be part of the lead team to apply this in Sierra Leone. Do not worry about the mechanization  technologies to achieve the purpose as your country is blessed to have the Fomel Industry & National Industrialization Centre (FINIC).

The Article by Ike Uchechukwu

A renowned farmer, Mr. Peter Ojong who is the brain behind the king Grass specie introduced first in Cross River has asserted that the idea for bringing the grass to Nigeria was to solve the herders crises and empower farmers in the country. His opening remarks were:

“I brought king grass to solve Nigeria herders crisis and empower farmers.”

Ojong who has lived in the Kingdom of Cambodia, South East Asia for 38 years further explained that he can use his passion for farming to  liberate young people adding that he can produce 100 young millionaires in less than 1 year .

Briefing journalists on multiplier effect of the King Grass in  livestock and agricultural value chain on Tuesday in Calabar , Ojong disclosed that the king grass was a source of livelihood that many Nigerians were still naive about but a huge FX spinner in Asia and major parts of Europe .

He explained that the wealth  of experience he garnered in creating wealth through the King grass and other state of the arts technology was a permanent solution the challenges of herdsmen crises, cattle rustling and the adjoining issues that comes with it .

The foremost farmer said the King grass when organically processed could properly take care of Goats, Pigs, Birds of all kind, Cow and fish in one environment no matter the weather.

His words: “The idea of the King grass cultivation came to me due to the problem in Nigeria with the herdsmen, I decided to bring this idea into Nigeria to solve the problem of constant maiming and killings, so that we can  live like brothers and sisters within the communities in Nigeria.

“First, I wanted it to be in Cross River, so that Cross Riverians could benefit, and this time not only from oil and Cocoa, they could also use this grass to start generating revenue for themselves and invariably the state .

“Since my grandfather brought Cocoa to Cross River State, I decided to come on with mine, and my own idea is Grass cultivation. So that we could produce grass in large quantity from Cross River state, Nigeria and beyond.

“One football field can produce about 50-tonnes within 45 days. This highbred king Grass, when planted , from the planting to maturity stages takes 45 days after which you can start using it to feed animals and if organically processed can be used for fish feed ,and also used to feed all livestock’s .

“This Period of 45 days, It grows to 11 feet, then if you cut it, in fifteen (15) days, It grows back to 7 feets, regarding  feeding, this Grass I’d used to feed Cows, Goats , Fish, chicken birds. When you compound it, you could use it to feed them in so many ways and the grasses are all organic,no fertilizer, no chemical.

“When you cut the Grass, and grind it, or put it in silage, and with the silage packaging, it can last for one year without turning green, no preservatives needed; you don’t add anything since it is purely organic.

Speaking further, Ojong said a cattle needs to consume about 35kilogram per day adding that when they eat his grass to put on 0.39 kilograms of weight everyday and cattles don’t really need to move around.

“Every cattle consumes 35 kilograms per day. And with this Grass, the cattle’s don’t need to move, is just to confine them and put on 0.39 kilograms of weight everyday as they eat it.

“I  brought it earlier this year so that the state   government will handle it. So that we will be the first state in Nigeria to cultivate it but my main intention of doing that was so  we could reduce the  farmers-herders conflict.

“We have concluded plans with other state governments in Nigeria and there are so many other states who have already showed interest in investing in the grass cultivation massively. It can grow anywhere in Nigeria. All it needs is Water, in case of does not have a season, it grows all year round. And takes only 45 days to be ready for use.

“Nutritionally, your livestock’s don’t get sick anymore. I have practical evidences, I have Pigs, Goats, chicken birds, in my farm, they don’t get sick anymore. The grass contains Lactogen Glucose, and a host of vitamins and protein and fat.

“So with this we don’t need to fight ourselves, in the name of cattle grazing, because this innovation will boost ranching. With it, you can grow cattles anywhere in Nigeria. Just confine your Cattles and plant the Grass. And our soil type is very suitable for fast growth,” he said.

End of article

Foday Melvin Kamara

CEO of FINIC Sierra Leone

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