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Fomel Industry and National Industrialization Centre – was established in 1997 to focus on accelerating progress towards Sustainable development with innovative solutions to increase economic value to farmers, from seed to sale as a means of reducing poverty and hunger across Sub Sahara Africa.

According to FAO, It is estimated that about Sixty percent of the African population is employed in agriculture, with more than 80% of all output produced by small-scale farms. Agricultural productivity growth in Africa is about half that seen in other developing economies. Up to 40% of food produced by smallholder farmers in Africa is lost between harvest and consumption

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What We Do

FINIC was established to pursue the following aims:

  • Design and manufacture machines systems for use in agro processing with other applications. With that, a reduction in import dependency and
    many other positive attendant consequences will be accomplished.
  • Research into alternative sources of energy using agricultural waste to provide energy for the kitchens and other useful forms.
  • Provide skills training in Industrial Mechanics in a real factory situation.
  • Manufacture food products from produce grown in Sierra Leone.
We meet the Demands
Agro Processing Equipment and machines for other applications manufactured
  • Rice Value Chain
  • Rice threshers of 500kg capacity
  • De-stoners of 500kg per hour capacity
Palm Oil Value Chain
  • Palm oil mills with palm oil processing capacity ranging from 1 to 2 tons per hour of FFB (FRESH FRUITS BUNCHES)’
  • Palm Fruits threshers of 2 tons per hour capacity
Cassava Value Chain
  • Cassava grating machine of capacity ranging from 1 to 2 tons per hour
  • Cassava press of manual operation with high throughputs
  • Mechanized Gari Roasting equipment
  • Mechanized and manual gari shifters
Fruit Juice Value Chain
  • Mango and pineapple juice extraction machine of 1 ton per hour capacity
  • Pasteurization equipment of 200 liters per batch capacity
  • Manual crown stopper fixing machine
Cacao Value Chain
  • Dryers of 20kg to 6,000 kg batch capacity.
  • Milling machines of 1 ton per hour capacity
  • Manual cacao beans roasting machine
  • Cacao beans decortication machine
  • Cacao paste tempering machine
Coffee Value Chain
  • Dryers of 20kg to 6,000 kg batch capacity.
  • Milling machines of 1 ton per hour capacity
  • Manual coffee beans roasting machine
  • Cacao beans decortication machine


FINIC- has used performance as the cog around which all innovations hubs. The industry prides itself on improving operating performance by reducing the numbers of customer’s complaints about its products. The matrixes used for internal and external achievements are parallel:

  • Successful research into equipment which are built in home conditions and are likely to survive long operations and reduce down time.
  • Establishment of a rural innovation center at which palm kernel shells are now transformed into carbonized briquettes/charcoal to replace wood charcoal without cutting down a single tree.
  • Successful design and construction of a Motor Cycle drawn Ambulance that helps in conveying pregnant women from the villages to the health care centers.
  • Successful invention of an equipment that can carbonize over a hundred kilograms of rice husk in transforming it into charcoal/briquettes.
  • Successful invention of a multi-functional dryer for a wide range  of agricultural produce
  • Successes in transforming the lives of Ex-combatants through the provision of skills training soon after the rebel war in the country
  • The successful invention of a condom vending machine for the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFP)
Certificate of Achievement
Recognition and Awards

Given its unique purpose in the country coupled with the provision of quality products for its customers, FINIC is a household name in Sierra Leone.  The founder, Mr. Foday Melvin Kamara is a recipient of various awards from organizations in Sierra Leone. In 2011, His Excellency the President of Sierra

Leone Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma bestowed him the honors of the Member of the Order of the Rokel for Exemplary Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Also, presented an award by the ECOWAS for innovation into energy saving systems in a combine heat dryer. He is award winner of the African Achievers award of 2019

Countries of operations are Sierra Leone and Ghana. The emergence of FINIC agricultural mechanization has boosted the quality and competitiveness of rice and palm oil produced in Sierra Leone and Ghana respectively